A uniquely Western Australian Japanese story

It’s the taste that makes Futari Wagyu special. Well-bred, healthy and well cared for cattle give our beef a distinctively rich flavour for an unmatched eating experience. But it’s the story behind the beef that makes Futari Wagyu so exceptional.

Raised in a perfect place

In Japanese, Futari means ‘two people’ after Two People’s Bay on the pristine south coast of Western Australia, where around 1,500 fullblood Japanese Black Wagyu cattle are raised on our family farm. This name perfectly captures our approach – a blend of traditional Japanese farming practices, with the latest Australian agricultural innovations in a pristine environment.

The best Japanese bloodlines are bred and raised on our fertile pastures enriched by the clean air and pure rainfall off the Southern Ocean. Fewer chemicals and fertilisers are needed so our cows are healthier. By keeping them well cared for they’re less stressed and can naturally develop a fine high-grade marbling in the beef. This is what gives our Wagyu a rich and buttery flavour that melts in your mouth. It’s a unique taste experience that’s seen us export our Wagyu around the world including Michelin starred restaurants.

Bloodlines and breeding

With Wagyu beef, it’s all in the genetics of the cattle and the way they are fed and raised. Genetics is at the core of the quality of our Wagyu herd.

It all began, when Peter Gilmour lived in Japan as coach and skipper of their America’s Cup Campaign. Here he immersed himself in the culture and was particularly struck by the Kobe and Wagyu beef. Not just by the amazing taste and health aspects, but also by the unique production and centuries-old traditions of genetic development.

The Gilmour family started with just 40 cows and one bull of the best Wagyu genetics, descended from the Japanese grand sire Tajiri. From this impeccable genetic foundation, we employ modern data collection methodologies and the latest breeding techniques, such as artificial insemination and embryo transfer, to develop and refine superior traits. Our 1,500 fullblood Wagyu cattle are now widely regarded as one of the best herds in Australia.

Our cattle’s welfare means everything to us

It’s no surprise to learn that the healthier and better cared for an animal is, the better the quality of meat it produces. We set our standards as high as possible when it comes to our animals’ welfare. Couple this with the unspoiled environment our herd is raised in, and the result is some of the healthiest and best quality Wagyu beef you will find anywhere.

Our Wagyu Beef

The key to Wagyu’s incredible taste is the fine marbling of intra-muscular fat in the meat that renders through, releasing the full flavour of the beef and giving it a succulent and tender texture.