Oyster Blade - Flat Iron
Oyster Blade - Flat Iron
Futari Wagyu

Oyster Blade - Flat Iron

The Oyster blade is very popular in the food service sector. Sometimes described on menus as a flat-iron steak, the oyster blade with the central connective tissue removed is now a popular steak item, particularly from a larger, more heavily marbled Wagyu carcase.

Prices per kg

 Marble Score Price/kg Marble Score Price/kg
Premium 0-3 $31/kg
Premium 0-3
Gold 4-5 $47/kg
Gold 4-5
Platinum 6-7


Platinum 6-7
Signature 8-9 $65/kg
Signature 8-9
Signature Plus 9+ $67/kg
Signature Plus 9+
Regular price Total $55.80 $0.00 Unit price per
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