We offer delivery to Perth, Bunbury, Geraldton, Albany, Kalgoorlie & Esperance
We offer delivery to Perth, Bunbury, Geraldton, Albany, Kalgoorlie & Esperance
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What is Futari

FUTARI means “two people, two persons, a pair or couple” in the Japanese language and reflects the roots of the Irongate Wagyu cattle raised in this unique, pristine environment near Two Peoples Bay and the Gilmour family’s connection to this place. FUTARI also reflects a new future that started with a dream to bring premium Wagyu beef of the highest quality and provenance from the most pristine natural environment to niche markets around the world. Irongate Wagyu presents Futari Wagyu.

Two Peoples Bay is located on the southern coast of Australia near Albany in an area rich in biodiversity with a strong agricultural history known as The Great Southern region of Western Australia. Immaculately clean rainfall blown from the Antarctica cuts across the uninterrupted waters of the Southern Ocean and feeds the fertile soils and rolling green hills of the area. The benefits of being in one of the most isolated farming areas in the world are profound. Western Australia has maintained strict biosecurity protocols that enable the region to be free of all major diseases and Irongate Wagyu has achieved the distinction of JBAS 8 accreditation from Animal Health Australia. This pristine environment grows some of the best quality and healthiest Wagyu beef in Australia. This is our Futari.

The Gilmour family have farmed in this region for over 50 years and their farms nestled between Two Peoples Bay and the pure waters of the Kalgan River are home to one of the premier herds of full blood Wagyu cattle in Australia. Modern data collection methods combined with a focus on traditional Japanese Wagyu techniques produce genetic outcomes of the highest integrity. Bill Gilmour, a respected Orthopaedic Surgeon and farmer continued the family farming dynasty in the Riverina region in New South Wales before moving to Western Australia in the 1950’s. The Irongate Wagyu stud business and the farms are now operated by the next generation and Peter Gilmour runs the business as Managing Director on their behalf. Peter has a long association with Japan which started when he lived there working as Skipper and Coach of the Japanese America’s Cup challenge between 1994 to 2000. His interest in the unique eating characteristics of the Kobe beef brand of Wagyu grew and in 2005, Irongate made an investment in a modest herd of 40 breeders and one bull purchasing the best Wagyu genetics available. This herd evolved with a focus on development of superior genetic traits to a size of around 1000 fullblood Wagyu cattle and is now one of the best herds in Australia. Peter was asked to join the board of the Australian Wagyu Association in 2013 and has lead the board as President from 2016 until today.

In February of 1803, two explorers came ashore to an uninhabited beach from their ships anchored in the wide bay. Captain Nicholas Baudin of the French ship Geographe and Captain Isaiah Pendleton of the American ship Union had only just encountered each other. When they left their respective countries years earlier to explore the southern continents the war for supremacy of the seas had been raging and they knew no different to this day. Legend has it that the two Captains chose to meet alone and strolled the beautiful white sands of this long bay in discussion and soon after both ships left the bay peacefully. Two Peoples Bay (or Baie des Deux Peuples) was so named.