Wagyu Tips

Tips for cooking and eating Wagyu

  1. VIEW the marble score,
  2. eat SMALL portions,
  3. cook on HIGH heat and eat whilst HOT


  • If cooking steaks:
      • Bring Wagyu to room temp before cooking
      • Salt and pepper Wagyu prior to cooking
      • Heat cooking surface to very high. Oil surface very lightly
      • As a general rule, depending on thickness of steak, cook each side for 1 minute then an additional minute per cm of thickness for each
        • Eg 1cm steak – cook 1 side 1 minute, flip cook other side 1 minute then each side for additional minute
        • Eg 2cm steak – cook 1 side 1 minute, flip cook other side 1 minute then each side for additional 2 minutes...
  • If thin slicing:
    • Slightly freeze Wagyu to enable thinly slicing for hot pot style dishes or slightly thicker slices for Teppanyaki (hot plate or bbq) style.
  • If Roasting:
    • Wagyu roasts can be marbled and juicy, it’s ok if you overcook and cold-meat, left over roast Wagyu, is delicious.


  • Serve salads and accompanying foods onto plate first then serve Wagyu immediately after meat is cooked.

  • Wagyu is best served medium to well done (not rare).

  • Slice a piece of steak into 1cm slivers instead of a whole piece of

    steak. You will find you will eat less.

o When buying Wagyu, from your butcher or restaurant ask for and view the marble score and its provenance.

o As Wagyu is marbled, slow cooking to tenderize is not always necessary and cooking times for slow cooked dishes can be decreased.

o Wagyu will enhance any beef dish, it’s not just juicy steaks. Side cuts, sausages, burgers, casseroles, curries and mince will bring out the best in any dish.

o Wagyu is marbled with a high percentage of mono-unsaturated fat, the good fats, however this is high in calories, so serve smaller portions of around 50-80grms per person.

As your Wagyu Beef has come to you direct from the processor, you may not wish to consume all at once. Open your cryovac meat and cut into your preferred serving sizes before freezing. Your butcher may help here.